Here are the latest questions and answers asked by Baroness Lister, and replied to by Baroness Williams of Trafford, (Home Office Minister.) Baroness Lister, along with the late Lord Eric Avebury, are avvid campaigners for the removal of unequal treatment when it comes...

Yesterday, after prompting by Tabitha Sprague of the UK Citizenship Equality group, who was one of the people who benefited through the change in the law by way of Sec 65 Immigration 2014, which amended the British Nationality Act 1981, I looked back over the material...

We continue to push forward in trying to get answers, hoping that MP's and Peers will put pressure on the Government now that Brexit is well on its way. Sadly, to date, SILENCE. There Is a forthcoming Immigration Bill coming up.

This is the perfect time for the governme...

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